Kingsley Jumbo (Born 9 November, 1998) Popularly Known by Stage Name Kay Kastro, is a Nigerian Performing Rapper, Singer-Songwriter and poet.

Music Career He first Started he's Musical Career at he's early Childhood. Kay Kastro decided to take Music as a profession,He's So talented and Vibes to Trap Beats as he sings Pop and Hip Hop genre of music. Kay Kastro Has released good number of Tracks with has been played on Popular Digital stores. He is inspired By (MI Abaga) With he aspire to Feature in due Time. Kay Kastro has Contest In Numerous Talent Shows and Rap Challenge, He's know For Emo Trap Sounds. He's Currently Signed To Kelblizz World INC and also Available for Global Signing

==== Songs
1. Confession
2. Feel You
3. Sad[1] ====

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